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Skin Deep

It is my belief that our bodies send us messages. When we show signs of “wear and tear” when new things show up, new “ways of being” I think it is our bodies telling us something that we may not consciously know or be ready to admit to ourselves. I think our bodies are giving us a chance to learn.
Take my skin for example. I have recently shown signs of a rash which is totally un customary for me. I also recently started showing bruises at random on the backs of my legs. When I researched these things, it turns out that these things represent feeling unsupported and the acceptance of self. Turns out, I’m growing in both of these areas.
Even though in my waking life, I am consciously seeking the changes I’m taking on and feeling good about them, there are still feelings and thought patterns that are getting stirred up.
It was scary at first to have things show up physically and a little disheartening to realize that I could unconsciously have a raging “storm” inside when consciously I’m thinking that there are nothing but clear waters. Yet, as I have learned from this I now feel empowered and loved because it is yet another safeguard set up for me / us. This realization is freeing. I mean, how cool, if I’m not aware of something consciously, I can trust my body will let me know. I / we can trust there are messages all around us. Guiding us in the right direction. Nature, science, and spirituality fascinate me so much. How grand it all is and how loved we all are. :)

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