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I love to give! Really, it brings my heart much joy and I get excited about the recipient’s day or life being that much brighter. I just provided a $25 dollar micro loan to Sima in Iraq who is a university student and co-owner of a beauty salon that is now one of the most famous in her area as well as a source of income for her whole family! Talk about girl power!! I have had the privilege of providing micro loans to many women around the world thanks to Kiva and would love to invite you to join. If you would like to help a man, woman, or child, I know you will find Kiva to be a great way to do that. Plus, your money is evergreen because once it gets paid back you can loan it to someone else! Or, you can simply reclaim it. Talk about win, win! Don’t you just love that? 

To check Kiva out, click HERE.

Have a blessed day!

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